Are you curious about why you would break things on purpose? I can assure you it is NOT about getting a hammer and break things randomly without a reason. Chaos engineering is about breaking things through well-planned experiments in a controlled environment in order to build confidence in your application to resist to rough conditions. Want to know why should you do it? Read and figure it out!

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Automated performance testing with Lighthouse

by Alex Khalevine

Performance testing of webpages happens mostly manually and on random location and time. It is hard to get good insights in performance this way, since you might have used different machine to run testing and website traffic vary through the day. Here we are trying to solve this problem, by automating the performance testing, making it predictive and consequent. This will turn received data into meaningful result, that can be used to define optimization strategies.

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Agile and Olympic Athletes

by Mike Sousa

Agile is a buzz word and everyone talks about it… but do you know what being Agile really means? In this post, I will help you understand how you can become a better version of yourself by being Agile. Having an Agile mindset will help you in your work and your life, overcoming complex challenges and growing beyond your known limits. And Agile does not apply only to software development, it applies to Life. Looking at the title of this talk you may now be asking on how does that relates with Olympic Athletes? Read and find out!

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